"Thank you for taking the time to craft such a meaningful
piece which I will treasure forever and display in a prominent
location here at the stadium."
~ Robert K. Kraft - President and CEO, New England Patriots

"Brian Fox created a superb painting of my late husband Jackie Robinson. The likeness is exact and beautiful. I'm especially grateful to Brian for his generous support of the Jackie Robinson Foundation"
~ Rachel Robinson (Mrs. Jackie Robinson)

“This charity means everything to me and I am thrilled that Brian would help further its mission by creating this amazing piece of art that commemorates a very special film in my acting career”
~ Mark Wahlberg - Actor

“We have trusted Brian to capture Major League Baseball’s most memorable moments for many years and he always exceeds our expectations. His talents have been admired and sought after by Major League Baseball’s fans as well as its players.”
~ Major League Baseball

"Great Work!!"  ~ Kevin Bacon - Actor

"We have carried Brian's work in our art galleries for years and have
been very pleased with our success in selling his original art.  Brian
has provided us incredibly creative images featuring both the Disney
characters, Pirates of the Caribbean and wildlife.  His unique art style separates Brian's work from our other artists and enhances the options our collectors have when
choosing their art."  
~ Aaron Babcock - Director of Product Development - WALT DISNEY

"Brian Fox is an extremely talented artist and his portraits of Funny Cide and Colonel John have been excellent."
~ Bill Casner - WinStar Farms

“Brian brilliantly captured the monumental showdown and our
Olympic team’s triumph against the Soviet Union
and that was how our relationship forged,
No other artist can commemorate an iconic moment
in sports history like Brian can.”
~ Jim Craig - 1980 USA Hockey Gold Medal Olympian

"Amazing Work!"
~ Josh Becket -Boston Red Sox Pitcher

"It's a true pleasure working with Brian. I love his work and passion for both his art and baseball."
~ Evan Kaplan - MLB Players Association

"You are the next Andy Warhol."
~ Pele´

"I am honored that Brian would do such an amazing painting
of me and my great friend Arturo Gatti.   He really captured the shot to the
body that has taken down quite a few of my opponents."
~ Micky Ward -former WBU Boxing Champion

“Mr. Fox is a truly talented artist and Topps is very fortunate to have him in its sketch artist lineup”  
~ Clay Luraschi, Director of Product Development - TOPPS

"Brian Fox has an unbelievable ability to bring people to life through his artwork. I've enjoyed working with him to create one of a kind paintings that help raise funds for nonprofits....he's the best!"
~Matt Light - All-Pro offensive Lineman New England Patriots

“Brian truly made the 2008 Major League Baseball

All Star Game at Yankee Stadium a spectacular memory
for me. It was humbling to be included in Brian’s All-Star
painting with such excellent players as Derek Jeter and
Manny Ramirez.
It is an honor for me to see and own Brian’s beautiful
work of art.”
~ Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners

~ MMA Digest

"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Brian at the 2008 All-Star Game and witnessing such a magnificent piece of art in the making!  I am looking forward to the unveiling of my finished portrait, not only because Brian is capturing my determination at bat, but also because he is generously donating proceeds from the sale of the original portrait to Triple Play Ministries!  Thank you, Brian!!"
~ Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers MLB

“I love this painting. I’m a good guy, and when I fight, I am another guy. Brian’s work shows that to me. He is a master on his canvas, and I am a master on mine. I hope my fans love it as much as I do”
~ Georges St-Pierre - UFC Champion

“When I first saw this painting I told Brian I will pay whatever you want for it. It is the most amazing painting I have ever seen of myself. It looks better than me! I love it!”
~ Alan Garcia, Jockey

“Brian is the true champion of sports art. He has a keen ability to bring out the drama of baseball and capture me and others during key moments in a game. Brian’s artistic genius is matched only by his generosity. How many artists are willing to donate some of their best works to charity? The ALS Foundation and SHADE Foundation have benefited greatly from Brian's donated paintings, which are often the cornerstones of our charity auctions”
~ Curt Schilling, former MLB pitcher

"Every time I've seen Brian's art I find it captures the event perfectly. He has a great touch and I'd hire him for my daughters' school pictures but we're already locked in with those awful pictures that are taken with bad lighting and have clouds in the background. I'm dealing with it. But as for Brian, his creations are first rate."
~ Kenny Mayne, Reporter, ESPN

"Brian is as good an equine artist as I have ever seen, both his color and black and white paintings are excellent! I look forward to having him paint my own horses."
~ Linda Rice ~Thoroughbred Trainer

"Hands down the best MMA paintings I have ever seen. Such great detail. Brian's work shows the true passion and dedication it takes to be number one."
~ Charles Rock -President of MMA Canada.net

"I think these (paintings) are fantastic. So good that I'd be honored if one was ever done of me in action. Absolutely wonderful work."
~ Bruce Buffer (UFC Ring Announcer)

"This incredible piece of artowk brings back sentimental memories of
one of the greatest days in my life -The Miracle on Ice"
~ Jack O'Callahan - 1980 USA Hockey Gold Medal Olympian

"Brian Fox is a gifted artist.  His painting entitled "Legends Forever"
depicting three of the greatest players in Providence College Friar
History is a masterpiece.  It is hung proudly in my office where it
receives many accolades."
~ Robert Driscoll ~Providence College Athletics Director

"I'm honoured that someone with that much skill and dedication would choose to paint me! The outcome speaks for itself, its quite amazing. It's clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into the painting and its real testament to Brian's artistic talent."
~ Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy - UFC Fighter

"The painting is a nice piece of art; very appropriate."
~ Capt. Dale Dye, Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, HBO's Band of Brothers and senior military advisor for The Pacific on HBO.

"It's an amazing painting. Anyone who is a fan of Major Winters will want to have a copy of it"
~Ross McCall - actor

"Brian was able to capture Major Winters look perfectly. Considering the scene is from Bastogne, it's spot on"
~ James Madio- actor

"I think it's a wonderful painting"
~ Edward "Babe" Heffron - WWII Easy Company Veteran (Band of Brothers)

"It's a fitting tribute to an excellent leader in WWII"
~ Al Mampre - WWII Easy Company Veteran (Band of Brothers)

"It's a great portrait of Major Winters"
~ Ed Tipper - WWII Easy Company Veteran (Band of Brothers)

"Brian's art captures the energy, essence and realism
of his subject.He's, quite simply, the finest portrait artist
I have ever seen."
~ Patrick Norton, President, Narrows Center for the Arts

"To be good at one’s desire, you must be passionate about it.
Brian’s passion is truly evident in the extraordinary equine
paintings he produces. We always welcome Brian to paint live
at Saratoga and capture the raw power of horse racing. Brian
is one of the most sought after sports artists because of his
God-given ability to accurately capture the moment, as well
as the emotion.”
~ Michael Dickinson

"Brian captures his subject exactly how our clients picture them.
He is a great pop art talent with an incredible future"
~ Rick Rounick ~Pop International Gallery owner in Soho NY